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RE: [IP] Infusion Set Question

Title: RE: [IP] Infusion Set Question

I am also in the process of getting a pump! I called my ins. and they also said 100% coverage. We'll see if they stay true to their word!! The battle has begun!!!!!

Doug Kilokowski
Future Pumper

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<< But I wanted to caution you...I too had been told by MM that my
 pump was 100% covered by Blue Cross (I have HMO) and I received it within
 two days. A couple of months after getting the pump I received an
 "Explanation of Benefits" from Blue Cross which said I owed for everything >>

Thanks Deb,

        Knowing how my insurance hassled us and how they've been in the past
(been dealing with them for 13 years!), I too was skeptical about the 100%
coverage, so I called them myself and they assured me that it was 100%
covered.  I have the original approval in writing and it says basically that
our appeal was approved and upon submitting the bills the claim would be paid
as well as all future claims for supplies.  The only thing is if I don't use
one of their providers, I have to pay for the supplies and send in the bills
to get reimbursed.  None of the providers carries pump supplies at all, so I
guess I'll be ordering from MiniMed and sending in the bills, I honestly
never thought they'd cover it at all, and for Steven's sake, I'm thrilled!

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