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Re: [IP] Real severe" diabetics

At 01:05 AM 4/19/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>I think other's opinions/assumptions about what "a diabetic can/can't eat" 
>are one of the most annoying aspects of this disease!!  I'm an RN, have been 
>on the pump for 5 weeks and tonight at work, I took a BITE SIZE candy bar to 
>eat from our community bag at the nurse's desk.  As I was walking away, I 
>heard another nurse say, "geez, she sure doesn't seem to be watching what 
>she's eating ever since she got that pump!"  LOL......good gawd  Can ya 
>believe it??!!  I was like, "yup, 10 carbs......not even a unit of insulin 
>for me" ;)  

It is annoying what others think onw thing i have tried to do with my
friends and coworkers is explain to them the idea of CARB counting and
saying like a mars bar is = to about 2 slices of bread.. and its not really
the sugar in the food that gives me a hard time it is the fat and the stuuf
that slow the digestion and keeps the sugars higher.  i can eat sweets
(within reason) and keep a normal BG but boy give me that mexican food or
pizza and i am sky high..

but so far just a very few understand what i have taught them..

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