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Re: [IP] No Delivery alarm

Sheila Sweat wrote:
> It has been an interesting weekend here.  Read the comments on ketones
> and decided to check.  Mind you my numbers were around 100 at both times
> I checked ( friday night and Sat night.)  I was running a trace amount
> of ketones both times.  Checked during the day on Sat. but found none.
> I've lost weight again , another 5 lbs. not really trying but am eating
> a little less part of the reason is because I'm rechecking my basals at
> night and am eating nothing in the evening- am.  Could weight loss cause
> me to spill ketones? Is this a reason to call the doctor? Are there
> other reasons fro ketones besides a high bg?

Yes, ketosis happens when you are losing fat with diet. Low carb diets are known
for creating some ketosis.

Ted Quick
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