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[IP] Re: what to do with the bleeding finger

Marilyn...no I don't always use a bandaid, depends on the circumstances.  
Often pop it in the mouth at home but prefer a tissue, cotton ball or square.

Konfeld Avener...if I had an alcohol pad already open, it would be fine to use

Sara, et al,  For those of us in the health profession, as well as any 
circumstance where we'll be touching others shortly after the test (and I 
often pop in and out of my office very quickly for a test) I do use a bandaid 
out of consideration for them.  I don't want to be bleed on by others and it 
is a very real possibility that I would bleed on someone without a bandaid as 
I can occasionally ooze for long enough to affect the next person that I see. 
 In addition, I often do so in public, as I am usually busy enough then that 
I would rather bandaid it and not worry about smearing my blood on people and 
things and I think that others appreciate their lack of exposure to my blood. 
 After short while, as I wash my hands quite often, the bandaid comes off and 
with thorough washing the fingers are "clean".  I'd rather not use them, but 
under the circumstances, I personally feel it's a "good use" of fingertip 
bandaids.  As always, opinions vary.

Happy pumping all.  Linda
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