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Re: [IP] Re: tie up those threads and fear of night

>not low."  My personal feeling is that, *while* you're dealing with the
source of the
>fear, it may be worth it to decrease your overnight basals in order to get
some sleep!
>Of course, do it with your doctor, don't take my advice, YMMV, etc.  But
>deprivation can cause major problems pretty quickly, including increased
anxiety.  And
>please don't think you're alone in feeling that fear.

I am glad to report that my sugars have started to raise again at night and
i have started to sleep better.  This only happens once in a long while but
it is one thing i can't seem to get out of my head.  I have tried to
decrease my basal rates and change the basal rate, but it seems that if i
lower them just by a little bit i seem to shoot up high.. i think i will
just have to try and wake up now and then and check myself..  i do think
this is partually do to my lifestyle being so CRAZY right now working
graveyards and school/clinicals.  here soon (hopefully) i will be over this
Crazy lifestyle..

thanx again for everyones help and support

Brian Carter
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