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Re: [IP] No Delivery alarm

> I've lost weight again , another 5 lbs. not really trying but am eating
> a little less part of the reason is because I'm rechecking my basals at
> night and am eating nothing in the evening- am.  Could weight loss cause
> me to spill ketones? Is this a reason to call the doctor? Are there
> other reasons fro ketones besides a high bg?

Yes, you can run ketones anytime you loose a lot of weight quickly or if you
are burning protein and fat but not carbs for energy.  The latter can happen
if your bg is high, but it can also happen from not eating enough carbs --
enough is as much as you happen to be burning so exercise level, illness,
weight loss etc, will all effect the point at which this happens.   High
protein diets and low carb diets can cause severe ketones though, at least
from the reading I've done, it sounds like individuals respond by burning
ketones at various levels and after various amounts of time.  I am sure
there is some scientific threshold.

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