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[IP] No Delivery alarm

It has been an interesting weekend here.  Read the comments on ketones
and decided to check.  Mind you my numbers were around 100 at both times
I checked ( friday night and Sat night.)  I was running a trace amount
of ketones both times.  Checked during the day on Sat. but found none.
I've lost weight again , another 5 lbs. not really trying but am eating
a little less part of the reason is because I'm rechecking my basals at
night and am eating nothing in the evening- am.  Could weight loss cause
me to spill ketones? Is this a reason to call the doctor? Are there
other reasons fro ketones besides a high bg?
     Also I noticed the comments about the no delivery alarms and also
about mm.  This am I was again rechecking the basals.I had changed my
infusion set last night around 7pm.  Checked at 10pm my bg was fine as
it was also at 12mn and at 2am.  At 4am. I checked the bg and it was
252.  I felt fine so I thought it was a fluke and rechecked 2x more. It
was right and as I woke up more I realized that maybe I had that
tightness in my chest I get and other symptoms.  I decided to stop the
basal check and bolus but didn't know what was wrong.  Then the no
delivery alarm went off.  After repeat attempts to stop and restart and
more alarms and exhaustion (4am),  I injected the bolus and called mm.
The man was really helpful.  Did the lead screw test and all that . When
I removed the reservoir I realized that I could push no insulin
through.  I had earlier slid the plunger up and down and had primed the
set manually and saw insulin.  The man at mm said maybe there was a
rough spot in the reservoir.  So there is another cause for a no
delivery alarm.  I guess this just can happen sometimes.  We are at the
mercy of  the equipment we use sometimes.  Well at least the mm man
offered to send me 3 new reservoirs and silhouettes for my trouble.
They come next week.  Anyway the rest of the night was tough because it
took a while for the bg to return to normal. Sheila

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