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[IP] Re: tie up those threads and fear of night

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Sleeping with my baby.
> If you loved your child.  You would put your child to sleep in a child bed.
> You or your spouse/child's father can roll over on the child.  In my city
> alone in the last 2 years there have been "6" such deaths.  This is "6" to
> many.  A infant/child is a gift from God.  A life that is in trusted to you
> to care for.

This is simply wrong.  To equate a difference of opinion with a lack of love is
mean-spirited and naive.  And, while the issue is certainly a hot topic, it's not what
we're here to discuss.  Enough already.  Could we get back to insulin pumps?

> From: FIS <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] A fear of mine
> For me Sleeping (yes sleeping) scares me to death sometimes.  I have had
> those times where i know i am going low but just cannot wake up until i
> reach that 30 level (i know this is not the lowest i have gone).

I had a similar fear when I first started on the pump.  Leveling out the basal rates
and developing a sense of my own patterns has helped, but I think it's a very real and
justified fear for a lot of diabetics.  There are still nights when I wake my husband
up before I go to bed and say, "You MUST check on me in the morning to make sure I'm
not low."  My personal feeling is that, *while* you're dealing with the source of the
fear, it may be worth it to decrease your overnight basals in order to get some sleep!
Of course, do it with your doctor, don't take my advice, YMMV, etc.  But sleep
deprivation can cause major problems pretty quickly, including increased anxiety.  And
please don't think you're alone in feeling that fear.

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