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Re: [IP] Sharps container

Greg wrote: 

> Last week, I was in McCarran airport in Las Vegas where I used the men's
> restroom. Beside the towel dispenser was a "sharps" container for disposing
> of syringes. The container gave instructions and showed a diagramn of the
> proper disposal of a syringe.
>     I was amazed. Have persons with diabetes become such a vocal minority in
> Nevada that every restroom has a place for discarding used needles? Is the
> heroin problem out of control in Vegas? When did this airport begin doing
> this, and do all airports now have sharps containers? I haven't seen these
> anywhere else, except for the doctor's office, of course.

The casino near my town also has these in the rest rooms. They are actually
placed in the wall near the towel cabinet. It's the first time I've ever seen
them in a public place. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I dug into my
supplies and emptied my personal "sharps" container into the one in the rest
room <g>

Bob Burnett

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