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Re: [IP] What is that?

On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, Patti Ittermann wrote:

> There's a little plastic triangle thingie (a different thingie than the
> luer neck thingie -- everybody with me) that comes in the tubing pack. 

The triangle thingie is acutally the tubing clamp you slide the tube into 
it and it will pinch if off. This is apparently for disconnecting a 
non-quick release set. You would pinch it off then remove the leur lock 
fitting and pump, leaving the hose dangling on you. When you do this it 
is necessary to stop the flow of insulin from the tube (there's 20 units 
there) so raising or lowering the tube won't give you a whopping bolus.

> and a little plastic vial (for
> what??).    
There should be a soft plastic plug in the vial or bag. It goes over the 
"male or needle" end of the QR fitting to close it off and keep it clean 
if you're in a dusty or dirty environment, otherwise just let your pump 
run. The plastic vial is to store the little plug in.
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