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Re: [IP] Getting bubbles out

Duck And Barb wrote:
> Has anyone reattached the needle at the top of the reservoir to remove
> bubbles in it.  

Yes, but usually I reattach the needle to refill the syringe for the
next 3 days worth of Humalog/R.

I loaded up 6 days worth, and with 2 days to go there
> was plenty of insulin left but lots of pesky bubbles.  I thought if I
> took off the tubing, reattached the needle and pushed out the bubbles, I
> could just reattach the tubing and be pumping again.  

Sure thing. Just be sure that the open socket at the end of the hose is 
full of insulin, forming a dome above it, and the connector on the syringe
is the same way, then flip the syringe up while sliding it into the socket.
Keep BOTH pointed open end up first, of course. That way you will have, at 
most, a small single bubble which can be flicked back into the syringe where
it will likely stay.

I won't do this
> for Erica unless other people have tried it as I wouldn't want to be
> non-sterile, if it was necessary to be, for that part of the pump. 

It will be sterile as long as you don't touch anything else with the
open ends of the connections before re-assembling it. I just hold the hose
socket between 2 fingers and the syringe between the next 2 until I flip
it into place with the other hand.

> would be a shame to waste all that insulin...but I won't take any
> chances either.

No ned to take chances, it's simpler than it sounds above, once you get used to
doing it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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