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[IP] Real severe" diabetics

Along these lines. I was once FIRED from a job because the woman i was 
working for at a snooty children's camp was convinced I was not taking care 
of myself properly.  I took FOUR injections a day (1 before each meal and one 
at bedtime).  HER daughter also had diabetes, but only took ONE shot a day, 
so OBVIOUSLY I was in much worse shape and therefore a risk to the children!

Bwahahahaaa!!!!! - look who has the last laugh...because of being fired, I 
put graduate school on hold, ran to cower in Florida, where I met the doctor 
who ultimately helped me get a pump (4 years later). About a month after I 
arrived in FL, I was cast in a children's theatre show, which led me to 
directing and teaching the kids, which in turn helped pay for me to go back 
and finish my Masters, which further enabled me to get a job RUNNING a 
community theatre, where I wantonly spread my evil ways and warped untold 
numbers of innocent children...some of whom have appeared in Broadway 
productions and have been accepted to outstanding acting programs around the 

so miss so and so...kiss mah (_*_)~~~~~~~~~~~~~[507]

(that is my long tubing attached to my 507 which is attached to my beehind.

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