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[IP] Silhouettes

Hey Susan:

1.	clean area with cleaner of choice...let dry

2.	if the sil has the backing papers WITH wings, skip this next part and 
go to #4

3.	if it does NOT have little wings, fold the corners of the BACK piece 
(the one opposite of the needle) back like you dogear the pages of a book, 
take the front piece of backing paper (under needle)  off, and hold it away 
from needle with forefinger..

4.  Hold the little plastic thing between thumb and middle finger, with the 
forefinger holding back the front piece of tape (if you have removed paper, 
it wil be sticky)

5.  With other hand.  grab a chunk of flesh and pinch - not hard...

6.  put the tip of the needle on the skin and just slide it in realllllllll 
slow.  You can touch the tip of hte needle to the skin and if it hurts, you 
can move it a quarter inch or so til you find a less sensitve place.  Most 
peopple aim it towards the belly button, but whatever works best for you is 
the recommended policy, as you know

7.  Flatten the front piece of tape down if you already removed it...or 
remove it and THEN smooth it down (duh).

8.  Peel off back peice using wings or the little dog ears you made and 
smooth it down

9.  Squeeze both sides of plastic thingie gently and pull introducer needle 
out...marvel at its length and flimsiness and wonder why it doesnt just break 
off in your thick tough skin...and then pitch...make sure all edges of ape 
are smooth 

10.  plug in the tubing.  One way goes in and clicks...the other doesnt.  
Bolus .8 - 1.0 units (YMMV) to fill the space in the catheter that used to 
have a needle in it...

11. get on with your day.

First time may take upwards of an hour - don't worry - in itme you will have 
it down to under 5 minutes!!

good luck


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