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[IP] Social progress - PHOOEY

Hey Kids...

While I hate the burden we pose to the environment (which is ANOTHER reason 
why I re-use tubings, syringes  and reservoirs as much as possible), what I 
don't want to see is some massive costly campaign to divert attention from 
FINDING A CURE for diabetes.  They can keep putting bandaids on us and out 
pesky little disease, but the only solution, is the FINAL SOLUTION - that ten 
years they told us about in the 70s ought to be a reality by now!!!!!  Don't 
write letters to Minimed and Disetronic encouraging them to find better 
packaging...they are only two out of thousands of eco-unfriendly companies.  
Write your letters to your congressman, your favorite celebrity, your local 
paper, the president who ever and tell them - YOU WANT A CURE.  The AIDS 
support group Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids ALONE raised almost 2 million 
dollars in 1998 to fight AIDS and help people  suffering from it....yet only 
approximately 18,000 people died from AIDS last year, whereas over 180,000 
died from diabetes and the complicati0ns thereof

No more Bandaids for diabetes (or your fingers either...another waste of 
precious resources...put that bleeding digit in your mouth and recycle that 
blood back to where it came from and don't put band aid garbage in the east 

Who is on a soap box fer shur today...

> think about how much waste we create in a year, it's amazing... do we 
> really need all that fancy packaging and there should be a way for the 
>  manufacturers to address this one...

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