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[IP] What is that?

I've been pumping since end of November, and love my Minimed 507C.    I'm
using the Quick Release Sof-sets, and they work great.   But, I don't know
what some of the things are that come with the sets.
There's a little plastic triangle thingie (a different thingie than the
luer neck thingie -- everybody with me) that comes in the tubing pack. 
I've just been tossing it, since I don't know what it is for.

Then, there's a little plastic bag that comes in the boxes of sets which is
a tubing clamp (when would I need this???) and a little plastic vial (for
what??).    Not knowing what they are, I've been tossing them too.   

Please let me know what these thing(ies) are!!  I'd be very grateful.

PS  A1C was 7.0!    Yeah!!
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