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[IP] Hiding in the Bathroom

Hi, I keep reading about everyone's opinion on where to test their blood 
sugar. After reading all the emails, it is obvious that everyone has their 
own "personal choice."  Afterall, we all are individuals.  What may be 
comfortable for one person, may not be for another person.  To insinuate that 
if one tests his blood sugar in the bathroom that one is ashamed is unfair.  
I personally prefer testing in the bathroom because it gives me privacy and 
since I am not on the pump yet, if I need a dose of insulin, I can, at the 
same time, administer my insulin.  However, if a bathroom is not convenient, 
it doesn't bother me to do this in public.  I just think we need to quit 
judging people on this issue as I feel it is a "personal choice."

Diabetes - 20 years
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