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Re: [IP] Silhouettes

Susan wrote:
>Does any one have easy step by step instructions to insert the silhouette
>infusion sets? 

Here's what I do, I hope this is easier to follow than the instructions
that come with the sets. :-)

1) After cleaning the site, peel off the front half of the paper backing
(closest to the needle). Take the needle guard off.  Grip the set between
your thumb and middle finger.  Catch the front edge of the adhesive with
your index finger and roll it back over the set to keep it out of the way.
Keep the tape stuck to your finger while you do the insertion.

2) Pinch up the skin with your other hand.  Slide the set in at a shallow
angle.  For a child, barely under the skin is deep enough.  Don't worry,
even though the needle is long, it will NOT go as deep as the sof-sets.
I'm very thin and they work great for me.

3) After the set is in, smooth the front half of the adhesive onto the
skin.  Hold a finger on the little clear window, where you can see the
cannula going into the skin.  With the other hand, pull out the insertion
needle. (Squeeze the sides together and pull back).  

4) Then peel off the back half of the tape and smooth the rest of the set
onto the skin.  I've found that holding my hand over the whole thing for a
few seconds warms the adhesive a little and I get better adhesion.

5) Prime the tubing just as you are accustomed to doing with the sofset.
The only difference is that you can prime the tubing after you do the
insertion, if you want. Hook the tubing into the set base. It will only go
in one way, there is a right and wrong side.  If it seems like you are
forcing it, turn it over, it should just snap into place.

6) Bolus to fill the cannula.  This is apparently a YMMV issue.  I use .5
unit with good results, others use .7 or even up to 1.0 unit.  You might
want to start with a lower number, check bg an hour later and make a
corrective bolus if necessary.  After a few insertions, you should land on
a number that works.

I hope this helps.

Mary Jean

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