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Re: [IP] "Real severe" diabetics

At 08:29 AM 4/18/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I found out the other day that I'm a <gulp> "real severe diabetic." In fact,
>most of us on this list are "real severe" diabetics.
>My source? A hospital administrator who confided to me that his sister-in-law
>is a "real severe diabetic -- she has to wear a pump."
>Now, not too long ago, when I was on MDI, a plant nurse told me I was a "bad
>diabetic" because I took "more than two shots a day."

This all goes back to the abysmal ignorance surrounding diabetes. It is 
hard to believe that in this modern age that it is still looked on as 
something that's our own fault, especially by supposedly educated people. I 
think a massive educational campaign aimed at the medical community is 
needed here. Where are the national Diabetic Associations when you need 
them? I think both MiniMed and Disetronics need to be involved here too.


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