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Re: [IP] Social progress???

At 05:22 AM 4/18/1999  ellen wrote:
>believe me... insulin syringes are the preferred needle for drug use...
>thin, leaves very small marks for the cops to see as tracks... have done
>enough drug and alcohol counseling to know this for a fact...

OK, I believe you. I think the part of the answer is for MDI diabetics to 
clip their needles after use (I always did) and dispose of them properly. 
Also, having a prescription to get needles wouldn't have bothered me 
either... in fact, I was always surprised as to how easy it was to obtain 

>do we really need
>all that fancy packaging and there should be a way for the manufacturers to
>address this one...

Some of the "fancy packaging" is supposed to insure that the needles stay 
sanitary... but, I'm not sure how much of it is really required. This issue 
is certainly not restricted to diabetic supplies, though.

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