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[IP] Discretion

Kathleen,  Iwas diagnosed before we had the blood montoring machine that we 
could do on our own to me this is great.  I'm now 39 have diabetes for 35 yrs 
not ashamed of it.  How a person does there bg is there preference but its 
not mine the public needs to be educated about blood sugars                   

I think that maybe a further explanation of my stance is appropriate.  None 
of this is meant to scare just to inform.  Please it is what happened to me 
whether you think I was right or wrong.

I was 16 when diagnosed.  When I first came home after the hospitalization I 
was treated like I was a leper.  My sisters would leave the kitchen if I came 
in.  All of a sudden no one would eat at home anymore.  All teenagers at the 
time.  My dad even though he never said anything also never looked.  It was 
better to keep it to myself.  My grandparents and friends would ask me are 
you going to do that here?  I received disgusted looks from all of those in 
my close circle of friends.  No one was interested it was something teenagers 
didn't do.  I urine tested for only a few weeks before I got my first 
monitor.  But that whole scenario horrified me.  Blood testing I thought 
allowed me more freedom.  I would go into the bathroom at home.  With four 
girls sharing one bathroom there was no privacy they would always walk in. 
that stopped after I developed diabetes.  People would hide what they were 
eating.  They wouldn't go to the movies with me, I mean they might have to 
eat popcorn and drink a soda in front of me.  My boyfriend wouldn't take me 
out if I was "going to do it when we went out."  How do you go to the prom 
for so many hours and not eat or test?

I was shunned and made to feel ashamed for having done nothing.  I was 
supported by my mother but it wasn't enough to protect me from those who 
didn't understand and who didn't care to.

I am a type A personality and things have to always be done right and to the 
best of my ability.  So in my mind as wrong as it may seem, I decided to stop 
doing it all.  I stopped taking blood sugars, stopped taking insulin and 
stopped eating.  I became anorexic.  I almost killed myself.  I ended up 
first in Joslin for 2 weeks for counseling and to get me back on shots.  Then 
in a hospital for 4 1/2 months.  I lost a whole semester of college and 
literally destroyed my life.

So I guess my point is we should lead by example we should show those who are 
newly diagnosed that there is a time to educate and a time to be discreet.  
To me the originally OP was saying there is no reason to ever do it in front 
of others and I think that is wrong.  Anorexia is developing high numbers in 
young girls with diabetes.  They don't want to be different.  The more people 
we educate the more pressure we take off the next generation.

That is my opinion and only my opinion.  But I would never want to see 
someone go through what I have.

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