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Re: [IP] Social progress???


am aware of the federal law reqiring each stste to allow access and I'm not
worried about it... it's the absurdity of the statement!!!

for the soup that addicts make, it's as thin as insulin... talked to a meth
addict once and asked him where he got his needles and he said that they
all in this area know who the diabetics are and watch their trash... this
is the scary part and part of my original statement... isn't a needle
exchange program safer then trash shopping... with all the stuff we toss
out being diabetic, doesn't any one else feel concerned that we are giving
easy access to dirty needles to addicts, yes I know that it is the addicts
choice, but are we the responsible ones in the end???

for the rare times that we as pumpers do need to use a shot, wouldn't mind
having one of the old glass syringes...

showed the addict the pump needle and he said no, too large, short and hard
to handle... but the pump made him look up with twinkling eyes... *S*

we need a way to handle all the waste that we create from this disease
safely in all states... wonder if B-D would consider this if we shipped
them our used needles for them to worry about, thank heaven for the pump...

Ellen B-C

At 10:37 PM 4/17/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> I use a needle clipper made by B-D for all my syringes and then throw
>> the clipped syringes into the bottle to go to the dump.  Probably
>> really disappoints some poor addict who finds it!
>As a second thought, insulin syringes aren't really useful to addicts 
>anyway. The needle is too small in diameter for the stuff they want to 
>shoot which is like soup. Now the pump needles --- that's another matter.
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