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Re: [IP] infusion sets question

Susan Fisher wrote:
> silhouettes - so I chose the softsets because I
> am new to this and wanted the "easy" insertion.
> Are they also soft/pliable, or does this set leave
> a metal needle in you?  I'm very curious....

Yes, Silhouettes also have Teflon (soft plastic) canulas.
I wouldn't use them otherwise, since I really don't want to
have a steel needle in me for several days at a time: I'm pliable
and so arre my canulas......

> Also, the nurse who trained me (who was awesome
> at it) pretty much said the abdomen is it for
> the place to put it... does anyone put it elsewhere?

It's not uncommon to use the "love handles" on the hips (which can be
problematic if you catch it on things when in motion), or the areas
farther around just below the belt.

 However I did discover to my amazement
> that having drag along the floor behind you is
> a completely painless incident - I kind of
> forgot about it when I got up to test in the middle
> of the night!

Sure, as long as it doesn't get caught on something...... 

Ted Quick
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