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Re: [IP] Infusion Set Question


I can't answer the questions you posted as I haven't tried to exchange
anything. But I wanted to caution you...I too had been told by MM that my
pump was 100% covered by Blue Cross (I have HMO) and I received it within
two days. A couple of months after getting the pump I received an
"Explanation of Benefits" from Blue Cross which said I owed for everything
(MM sent me a year's worth of supplies with the pump)!!! My employer called
Blue Cross and was told it was a bookkeeping thing, that MM had not listed
out what the $$$ were for but they were surprised that I had been told it
was 100% covered. Long story short it went to a review board and BC stuck
with $3,000 per year "durable medical equipment." As yet I haven't heard
anything from MM and as far as I know they're not aware I know of the above
situation. Since I've had the pump seven months and haven't received a
bill.....I don't have anything from MM or BC in writing just first names. My
CDE feels that MM and BC are probably still battling and hopefully I'll
never receive a bill. Good luck (to us both) I'll let you know if I do
receive a bill and how it goes. (They can't have the pump back, I LOVE it
too much!--but don't tell them!!)


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