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Re: [IP] Please help

> all day. Then tonight, same time, he bolused for his bedtime snack, and it
> happened again! This time I had him disconnect, he bolused 4.0 units and it
Lily has had this happen a few times, with the execption of "found" 
clogs, it has always been when the tube runs under a tight elastic like 
on a swimsuit (girls) and she was sitting scrunching the tube in 
addition. Moving things around a little cleared the situation up. I do 
recall something like this on the list last year that was related to the 
pump, but can't remember the details. I'm sure there could be other 
reasons. His set spot could be clogged beneath the skin, or the tip of 
the cannula could be pushing into muscle tissue that is denser causing 
back pressure (more likely with the sofset).
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