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RE: [IP] Infusion set question

> Sof-Sets in with the Sof-Serter. I'm trying to persuade her to try the Sils 
> again this summer - I think she will like them with her swimwear better at 
> this age, if you know what I mean!
Keep trying. Lily started with them at 13, but still uses the sofsets in 
front. She started to run out of spots to put the sets in and also began 
to develop a little hypertrophy from constantly using the same area for 
her infusion sites. When she switched, she gave the front about a 3 month 
rest and the hypertrophy disappeared. Now she rotates front to back, all 
the way around every fourth set change. Sofsets front, sils behind. She 
prefers the sils for swimming (or shall we say swim suits) because they 
don't make a bump like the sofsets do.
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