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Re: [IP] (no subject)

> I put Minimed into a position where they sent me a sports case for free.  
> That isn't really where they make their money anyway.  I explained that I 
> really like their pump but since swimming was my main form of exercise that 
> the waterproof disetronic would be a tremendous advantage to me.   Next thing 
> I knew Sports Case via Fed Ex.   I am not on it yet and don't have any 
> experience with the disetronic, but I was very put off by the sales rep.  She 

Be willing to bet you'll find out you don't need insulin while you swim. 
You loose a large amount of energy throught the skin/water boundry. My 
daughter needs about 10-15 grams an hour carb intake with no insulin if 
she does a long workout.

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