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Re: [IP] Please help

At 06:38 PM 4/17/1999  susan leahey wrote:
>I am concerned because it happened the same time
>last night and tonight. Is it the way he was sitting, kinda of scrunched up
>on the couch, or is it the battery getting weak. PLease help. He is getting
>upset about this especially since its so close to bedtime. I know he will
>be worried about going to sleep.P.S. he has only been on the pump for 3
>weeks. Thanks in advance- Susan

I've had this happen 2-3 times when my belt was too tight across the tubing 
and it crimped. Loosening things up stopped the alarm. What I would do, is 
take the tubing out of any clothing, so that it is totally free. Then see 
if the alarm goes off. If not, you've solved your problem. If that doesn't 
do it, there is something wrong with the set. What kind of set is he using?

If the battery was weak, you'd know about it since you'd get a low battery 
alarm. And, even when you get the low battery alarm, you still have quite a 
few hours to change it.


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