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[IP] Where to (fill in the blank)

1.  Two experiences with shots that were interesting.  Once while taking 
insulin in a small bathroom at the hospital where I worked, I had not locked 
the door and a janitor walked in as I looked up with the needle in my ab.  He 
backed out hastily, but I was concerned with what he might think and found 
him, informed him, and told him he could check with my supervisor if he felt 
concerned as my supervisor knew about my diabetes.  The second time was when 
I was called in to my supervisors' office and asked which room I used when I 
stayed on call.  Seems the wind blew my supplies all over the call room and 
the security staff was called, then my director was called and told that they 
thought one of his residents had a "drug problem".  Fortunately he was "quick 
on the draw" and figured out that it was probably mine before a Bru-ha-ha 
blew up.

2.  No one should be exposed to others' blood, but lets be honest.  We are 
talking about the same amount of blood that you get with a paper cut here, 
and I always am discrete, careful about keeping blood only on my strip and 
finger and keep fingertip Band-Aids to apply immediately afterwards.  Can't 
recall any nasty comments and I pretty much check whenever/wherever.

My $.02   Linda
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