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Re: [IP] Social Progress????

In the state of Florida, we have a sharps disposal program. (At least in 
Hillsborough and Brevard counties). It is against the law here to dispose the 
syringes with our normal trash pickup.

The bio-hazard containers are available FREE of charge at Walgreens Pharmacy. 
 Other pharmacy's may participate in the program also, but I'm not sure.  
Some Firestations carry them also.  When the container is full, all I need to 
do is seal it and drop it off at a local firestation.  They put the box in a 
locked dumpster that is then taken to a bio-hazard garbage site, and then 
they will give you a replacement container.

P.S.  I believe that a prescription is required in order to obtain the 
syringes in the first place.

-Thank you,

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