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[IP] infusion sets question

silhouettes - so I chose the softsets because I
am new to this and wanted the "easy" insertion.
Are they also soft/pliable, or does this set leave
a metal needle in you?  I'm very curious....

Also, the nurse who trained me (who was awesome
at it) pretty much said the abdomen is it for
the place to put it... does anyone put it elsewhere?
My "fattiest" places are my behind and thighs and
I'm curious if you can stick it other places.  I'm
so timid right now that I'm afraid to even do
situps ;)  However I did discover to my amazement
that having drag along the floor behind you is
a completely painless incident - I kind of
forgot about it when I got up to test in the middle
of the night!

Still learning,
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