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Re: [IP] Please help


>My son's minimed pump had the no delivery alarm go off tonight and last
>night at the same time. 


>What could be the problem?  Is it the way he was sitting, kinda of
scrunched up
>on the couch, or is it the battery getting weak. 

I've had this happen when I've had my pump in the pocket of my "tight" pair
of jeans (as opposed to my comfortable pair) and I'm sitting.  It seems
that if the tubing has to go through any hairpin turns, or tight bends,
then this can sometimes cause a no delivery alarm.  When this happens, I
take the pump out of my pocket and set it on my lap, sometimes I unzip to
give everything a bit more room, and I program the pump to deliver the rest
of the bolus.  Usually, this takes care of the problem.  

However, I have had a couple of times when this wouldn't work.  I could
only get .1 unit before it would alarm again.  In these cases, I've changed
my infusion set and found a funny white substance in the cannula.

You didn't mention what kind of infusion sets your son is using... is he
using Sof-sets?  If so, you might want to try the silhouettes.  They don't
have to be inserted so deep, which I think is another cause of no delivery

Mary Jean

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