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[IP] Please help

My son's minimed pump had the no delivery alarm go off tonight and last
night at the same time. It was his bedtime snack last night and when he
bolused it went off. I changed the set last night. It has been working fine
all day. Then tonight, same time, he bolused for his bedtime snack, and it
happened again! This time I had him disconnect, he bolused 4.0 units and it
went through fine. He hooked back up and after delivery of 1.0 units it
went off again. So we started again the rest of the 3.0 units went through.
What could be the problem? I am concerned because it happened the same time
last night and tonight. Is it the way he was sitting, kinda of scrunched up
on the couch, or is it the battery getting weak. PLease help. He is getting
upset about this especially since its so close to bedtime. I know he will
be worried about going to sleep.P.S. he has only been on the pump for 3
weeks. Thanks in advance- Susan

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