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Re: [IP] Social Progress????

When our recycling notice came in the mail last year, they had added a 
section about syringe disposal. According to this , I am supposed to take the 
kids syringes,not recap them ,not break off the needle, just insert into 
clear plastic bottle and tape top on. Then put out with garbage.
I live in a poor neighborhood that at times has a bad problem with drug use. 
The one and only time I followed their orders, within 10 minutes of garbage 
going out front, my new neighbors from across the street were picking my 
garbage!!!!!!!  I took a picture of them walking away with my kids used 
syringes and sent it in a letter to the sanitation department.
Now I have red containers and when I go near one of the hospitals that burn 
trash, I pull up and dispose of several containers.     Doreen-mom of 2 

* recycling may be good, but I don't think this kind was meant to be!!*
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