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Re: [IP] Silouette, Comfort, Tender insertion angle

In a message dated 99-04-17 08:39:55 EDT, you write:

<<  I definately don't like
 the feeling of something rubbing underneath my skin).  The site looks okay,
 but when I jab at it I can feel it (which I never could before, it isn't
 pain that much, I just can feel it).  So this is what I'm wondering.  Is it
 just the site that is causing this or could it be the angle I inserted?
 Also I inserted it vertically (my pump trainers suggestion), could that be
 another source of the problem?   >>

Sils are meant to be inserted at an angle of 45 or less (mostly less). Sounds 
like the end of the catheter might be located near the tissue between the fat 
layer and the tissure covering the muscle, but I suspect it is not in the 
muscle. If it is not comfortable, CHANGE IT! Try a slightly narrower angle.
Barbara B.
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