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Re: [IP] first day of pumping

In a message dated 99-04-17 06:55:13 EDT, you write:

<< The nurse... said get on with it (in between long chats on her mobile
 phone to various people). >>

 I would consider this rude and unprofessional. I usually try not to 
criticize, however.

<<The only thing she did do was show me how to
 load the Sofserter. The rest - filling the reservoir, getting the air
 out, connecting it all, inserting the Sofset and setting the basal
 rate - she left entirely to me "well you're the one who's gonig to be
 doing it". I thought the point of the nurse wa to train you in how to
 use it. >>

I find it useful  to explain who will be responsible ofr what and what the 
expectations are for each person on the team.

<<she only uses the Minimed 506 (with one
 basal rate).>>

Sounds somewhat biased. The 506 has 12 basal rates. Hang in there! We are all 
here to help, if needed.
Barbara B
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