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Re: [IP] Sleeping with my baby.

<snipped out>
Tara and all,
I have four children, two boys and two girls, who slept with my ex(she
wasn't ex at the time) and me (king size bed, if you must ask).  I know this
is a personal opinion, but I do think it is better for them to do so.
Shannon breast fed all but Elise (my youngest), and there have been no
problems with squishing them.

Since getting the pump, my ony problem was with Jeremy (my oldest, almost 9)
getting caught on the tubing.  He rolled over, and pulled out the sof-set I
was using.  So, you have about 8 years to work on a soution for that.  I
would suggest clipping the pump to your undies (I hope I'm not getting too
personal), and putting the tubing in your undies as well, and wearing a
breast feeding compatible shirt over that.  That way the tubing woud be
covered, and you can still feed the baby.

I hope this helps,


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