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Re: [IP] Re: my hba1c

> Everyone needs to realize that "controlled" diabetes
> does NOT mean having 
> non-diabetic numbers.  If you are too tight and are
> suffering from lows, then 
> you ARE doing more harm than good...don't be an
> insulin-orexic!!!  
> Sara

Well, to offer some encouragement - I rarely have lows now - and I was
still able to achieve this number - granted it was a ton of
adjustments, testing every two hours and in the middle of the night.  I
also am looking to get pregnant in the next few months so my goals are
alot higher than they normally would be ( or lower I guess).  I think
people should shoot for the best number they can get - now keep in mind
i went through years of waking up really high, having highs in the
afternoon, fighting with doctors who insisted I had no clue about MY
disease and what might help achieve good numbers.  finally I found a
doc who realized i have a brain and immediately said i could go on the
pump - which is something I had been saying I needed all along!

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