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Re: [IP] Infusion Set Question & MM exchange

In a message dated 4/17/1999 8:01:46 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Has anyone on the list had any experience with returning supplies under 
 such circumstances?  Was MM cooperative?  Am I STUCK with 3 months worth of 
 supplies I may not be able to use? >>
Hi Kelly--I just sent two boxes of silhouettes back to MM.  Unfortunately 
there was some kind of problem getting to talk to someone.  It took me about 
a month to get a human being.  I was told that the one and only person to 
talk to was out sick.  She was to be back in a day or two and she would call 
me.  I called every week because I had not heard from her.  The other day on 
my final call I think it was realized that I was a little upset because for 
one month I have been trying to exchange my infusions.  Not paying attention 
to what I was opening I opened both boxes.  They took them back without a 
question.  Funny thing yesterday I received an e-mail from the "mysterious 
vanishing return lady"  saying that she had no idea why I was told what I was 
told because she had not missed a day of work for sick leave this whole year 
and that there are 16 people in the office that do returns.  Someone on this 
list must have told her of my problems.  Thank you so much whoever you are.  
Anyway the main thing is I wanted to give you her name and number so you can 
go straight to a person.  Her name is    Debbie Kligman 
                                         #800-999-9859   ext. 7554   

Good luck with your exchanges.  I am sure you won't have a problem.  I am 
sure that my experience was a one in a million experience.

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