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Re: [IP] Silouette, Comfort, Tender insertion angle

At 01:39 AM 4/17/1999  Maureen Reagan wrote:
>Last night, I was told I was inserting my Silouette set too shallowly
>(about 30 degree angle).  I had never tried it deeper, and thought maybe I
>had got confused somehow with my thinking that you can insert it shallower

The Sihouette is supposed to be inserted at a shallow angle. The idea is 
not to hit the muscle layer. Since each person is built differently, you 
need to use the angle that works best for you. Whoever told you that it 
needed to be inserted a steeper angle, may have gotten confused with the 
soft-set which is inserted at a 90 degree angle.

When I use the Silhouette, I normally feel almost nothing when it's 
installed. I even sleep on it at night. If you are feeling discomfort, 
there is something wrong.


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