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[IP] more beginner questions....

PleasM wrote:

>  You need to fill the pump enough for two or three days at the 

Nothing personal, but nothing irritates me MORE than people saying "YOU need 
to do something this way and NOT any other way EVER."  You (PleasM), and a 
buncha doctors I know, need to remember that YMMV and some people are in fact 
able to get by filling their syringes up with enough insulin for 6 days!  I 
use about 32 units per day...If I were to take the neck thing out and use the 
long syringe method with close to 300 units - that would be ALMOST 10 
days!!!!!  Just FYI, however, I dont like having the syringe thing stick out 
of the top of the pump - so I only use the short syringe method.  But if I 
didn't care about that thing sticking out - you betcha, I'd fill 'er up.  Of 
course I use Velosulin, so I don't have those Humalog deterioration problems.

I also don't change my site EVERY 2 or 3 days like "they" tell you  MUST be 
done.  HORRORS!!!!   Hey, if it ain't broke - don't fix it.

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