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RE: [IP] Infusion set question

.  <Those of you with kids on the pump....what has your experience been with 
Silouettes vs. Sof-set?  Should we try it anyway?>

Kelly, my 12 year old daughter uses the Sof-Sets with no problem. However, 
she is skinny EVERYWHERE but her tummy - has always seemed to have a little 
to pinch here. So, that may be why they work for her. We have tried the Sils, 
4 samples we were sent, and they worked just fine also. Of course, it's 
harder for "me" to put the Sils in her, and very easy for her to put the 
Sof-Sets in with the Sof-Serter. I'm trying to persuade her to try the Sils 
again this summer - I think she will like them with her swimwear better at 
this age, if you know what I mean!

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