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  Welcome to Insulin Pumpers! I am happy to hear your son will soon be 
getting a pump. As the parent of a very, very 'sports minded' 12 yr. old 
daughter, the pump has been wonderful for her, and for us as a family. I 
truly believe she would not have been able to do all the things she does now 
on her pump when she was on MDI - or at least certainly not nearly as easy! 
And it has been somewhat of a struggle, trying to figure out just what works 
for her and her exercise (cheerleading, basketball, 3 soccer teams, and 
track!), which many on this list can attest to - they've been wonderful 
sources of information for us! Pick the brains of the people on this list 
when you have questions, try what you think will work, and you will find just 
what will work for your son.
Good luck!
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