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Re: [IP] Social progress???

In a message dated 4/17/99 10:58:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  legitimate users of medical equipment are
 always penalized to control the access for illigitimate users.. >>

		This is definitely the whole deal in a nutshell!!  It's so 
frustrating to see this!  In an ideal world the two way street would be paved 
evenly on both sides, but it seems like it's always paved smooth on one side 
and rough on the other.  Life with diabetes is hard enough.  I watch my boys 
deal with it every day.  I have it too but don't take insulin (glucophage).  
When I see society smooth the way for a drug user but make it more difficult 
for the diabetic I ache for my boys future :-(  Unfortunately it's a sad 
commentary on society, but one that we have to deal with I guess.  I believe 
that education is the key to a smoother road though...so hopefully us *FEW* 
diabetics out  there (don't we WISH it was a FEW!) can teach the ignorant 
politicians a lesson or two (maybe I'm dreaming).

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