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[IP] Discretion

Before I even start seeing the responses to an earlier post I would like to 
say I realize my view was harsh but I think this can be a sensitive subject 
for others.    Hiding to take a blood sugar to me signifies that I have 
something to be ashamed of.  Why?  Because from the time I was first 
diagnosed I constantly heard "Are you going to do that here?"  With a nasty 
or disgusted look attached.  Is that fair?  What is so horrible about it?  I 
have never squirted blood on anyone, I always am low key about it and I try 
to dispose of my supplies in an appropriate manner.  But why should I hide?  
Did I do something wrong?  No.  Diabetes affects me in so many ways and robs 
me of so many things that I will not allow it to relinquish me to a bathroom 
for a 8th of my life(mind you this would be in addition to the time actually 
spent going:o).  Since that is about how many times a day I give shots or 
take blood sugar.

I guess I feel just as strongly as the OP, just a different view, that it is 
a time and opportunity to educate rather than be made to feel bad and 
disgusting.  Because it has been done to me and by family no less I would 
never do something like this to others.  I was 16 when dx.  Imagine my self 

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