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Re: Test Proudly! (Was Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics)

I would encourage hime to make the decision based on the events. If he is
hagning out with his friends and he needs a shot he can say he is going to
his insulin and if anyone has problems with seeing shots they usually just
close thier eyes or turn thier heads. If he is with people who cannot
handle it
he could walk away a distance and take them.
A public bathroom is not a place to test blood sugars or to take shots.
If he is in somone's home he could go to another room.
I hope he wears a medic alert bracelet in case there are questions .
But let's hope he has a pump by then..course I have found some think a pump is
gross too.  But he has to take care of himself and not let others intimidate
him.  As for pumps..I am now able to change my site (if it needs it) when I am
riding in a car..I never thought I would be doing that.
next I am hoping for a BG machine I can velcro onto my dashboard or steering
wheel and just place my finger on it and my blood sugar reading would be read
without any blood. That would be awesome to me.
I can always dream ;)
Hope Stephen will be pumping soon!

At 10:49 AM 4/17/99 , you wrote:
>I have been reading this thread and have a concern I have not seen raised
>Stephen is 12, was diagnosed at age 5.  We have always tested wherever we 
>were.  Usually around classmates, he draws a crowd and gets to explain what 
>is going on.  Most of his classmates know when he is going low or high from 
>his behavior.  I remember a field trip in 4th grade, where he was hanging 
>with some friends.  One of them came up to me and said Stephen was going
>and I should test him cause he's probably low, cause that's how it is in the 
>classroom.  We tested him and she was right!  Anyway.  My concern is, as he 
>gets to be a teenager, how will the public handle seeing him with a syringe 
>in his hand? I have been telling him to learn to take shots in public, 
>because people won't assume he's doing something illegal if he's out in 
>public, but if he hides in a bathroom stall, or in his car or something, it 
>will seem like he's sneaking around and they will assume the worst.  
>(assuming he has not gotten the pump- another problem to be posted in

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