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minimed (looks more like a 
pager)and it s the older co. of the two. But the way the D pump disconect & 
waterproff is a plus! Reliability is important. 
Someone said make sure the rep works well with 

I put Minimed into a position where they sent me a sports case for free.  
That isn't really where they make their money anyway.  I explained that I 
really like their pump but since swimming was my main form of exercise that 
the waterproof disetronic would be a tremendous advantage to me.   Next thing 
I knew Sports Case via Fed Ex.   I am not on it yet and don't have any 
experience with the disetronic, but I was very put off by the sales rep.  She 
called me every day.  She wanted to meet me three times in a ten day period.  
Minimed was more laid back and I appreciated the chance to look at both tapes 
and talk to people who had no interest in selling me one.  Many people I 
talked to all had the Mini and some had been on the disetronic but felt it 
was more complicated to learn and that the Minimed was more simple to 
program.   That is how I made my decision.  I wish you luck.

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