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Re: [IP] Silhouette, Comfort, Tender insertion angle

>> Also I inserted it vertically (my pump trainers suggestion), could that be
>> another source of the problem?

>NO WAY do you insert a Comfort/Silhouette/Tender set vertically. Thing is
>regular insulin needles are a set length which is 1/2", though new thinner 
>ones are somewhat shorter. There's a reason for this, the insulin MUST be 
>delivered into the fat layer, NOT into the muscle below, because the fat 
>delays absorption somewhat, which helps smooth things out. Shooting
>into muscle gives faster action, but hurts besides. 

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I mean "vertically" as in the canula is
pointed towards me feet, not towards my belly button.  I was just
remembering previous posts about "against the grain" and such.

>I imagine your pump trainer is used to the QR approach without much idea
>WHAT'S going on with what you use now.

Well, my pump trainer is a MM 507 user himself, and uses on Sils.  I really
liked him, but I just think the 45 degree angle thing for me is wrong.  He
(my trainer) said there is no such thing as a "textbook diabetic"  So
basically YMMV.  I think I'm going to just go back to my 30 degree angle.


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