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Re: [IP] Infusion Set Question

Hi Kelly:

I'd snip part of the question I'm going to respond to, but I don't know how.  
I'm sorry.  If someone would like to email me (personally) and tell me how, 
I'd really appreciate it.  THX!!

Anyway, the two times I've returned items to Minimed (once a pump and once 
infusion sets), they have been EXTREMELY helpful.  I call them.  They send me 
what I need (FedEX overnight) -- they enclose a FedEX postage paid envelope 
to return my items in.  If you've got 3 months worth of sets to return, they 
might suggest UPS or something.  I think they'll probably pay the postage for 
you and tell you exactly how they want you to do it.  Both times I talked to 
them they took care of it immediately.

Hope this helps.

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