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Re: [IP] Social progress???

In a message dated 4/17/99 10:03:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< to me, the problem is cutting off your nose in spite of your face... the
 actual problem is getting people not to drug, not to limit access to
 medical supplies for people who need them to live...

I agree, Ellen.  

	I guess my opinion came off as "limit the acess" when in actuality I 
feel that if there is a "no prescription" policy for drug users, make it "no 
prescription"  for diabetics WITHOUT making us stand in line with the 
addicts!  What I don't support is feeding the habit of drug users with ease 
while making a diabetics life more difficult than it is already is by 
limiting OUR access and making THIERS easier.  Does this say it more clearly? 
 I fired off that last answer because I was APPALLED at the ignorance of that 
politician and it set my fires going.  I also oppose the start of a needle 
exchange for addicts IN PLACE OF recovery treatment.  I agree that these 
people need help but I feel that they should spend the money on 
REHABILITATION not FUEL for the fire.  Believe me I know this is a VERY 
touchy subject as I've learned along the way locally.  I could NOT believe 
the comments by that politician saying make the syringes illegal OR limit 
diabetics access.....that is UNFORGIVABLE and it seems like your problem is 
the same but also the opposite of ours (a paradox of sorts):  
	You already have free access, but they want to take it away to punish 
the drug users but they are ALSO punishing the diabetics and that's a SHAME!! 
	Now our problem stems from the fact that the people who NEED the 
syringes are being limited while the people who are feeding a bad habit are 
being catered to.  Do you see the point?  

	In our community we have the detergent bottle option but we also have 
the option of returning our syringes (in home sharps containers) to our local 
hospital for disposal.  I choose personally to spend the money on the sharps 
containers and wait until Wednesdays between 12-2 in the afternoon and make a 
special trip to the hospital to dispose of our sharps.  I feel that this is 
morally and environmentally responsible but others MMV.  I think it's a very 
personal thing here but important for us diabetics even more.  Good luck with 
your local issue, sounds like your politician needs some DIABETES 101!

All the best,
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