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Re: [IP] re: minimed "thingie"

Diana Maynard wrote:
> Natalie,
> What I really meant about the thingie (Luer neck holder or whatever
> it's called) is that I don't see why you can't use the short reservoir
> method without the thingie. The reservoir seems perfectly secure in
> the short position (with the end bit not sticking out) without it.

There's at least 2 reasons, Diana. First, the syringe MUST be held solidly
so that the plunger is pushed into a solidly fixed barrel to get the 
insulin under pressure to pump it. So, the syringe might be held by the 
ring around the Luer lock connector pushing against the second saddle
which is intended for long syringe useage, but this concentrates force
in a smaller area which might lead to wear and tear and problems with
it some years down te road. Besides which, any variation in the thin edge
of the syringe, such as flash on the ring, could lead to variations in 
delivery in some situations. It's MUCH better to have the larger square end
of the syringe pushing against the thingie solidly so there's no doubt.

Also, the saddle thingie is the major thing keeping the syringe centered 
in the pump and twisting it even slightly could lead to some strange 
problems of jamming the syringe, I suppose.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

PS Gee, from all of the above you'd think I was an engineer who molds
plastic parts..... Oh yeah, I AM!!!!!
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